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Lower School Music 

Preschool classes discover the joys of singing alone, as well as singing as a group.  Students experiment with body percussion, a variety of instruments and creative movement. Parents are treated to special performances throughout the year.
K5 - 5th Grade  Students learn about reading rhythms, music terminology, reading music, basic form, and matching pitch. A variety of techniques and teaching methods are used to allow the student to experience and participate in the joys of music. Special efforts are made to try to incorporate music songs that relate to different topics being studied in the core classroom. Students perform special concerts throughout the year.

Upper School Music

Our Music Program continues to grow and expand. Students receive high-quality instruction from a Christian worldview that will prepare them for a future in music whether it be in college, the church or beyond. Students can expect to compete each year in competitions around the country and perform on campus concerts. Performances also include events like singing the national anthem at a Greenville Drive baseball and Swamp Rabbit hockey games.

Vocal Music

FPA offers many ways for students to be involved in choir and further develop their musical talents. We offer an after-school Lower School Chorus for our 3rd-5th grade students. Our Middle School Choir is offered as an elective to our 6th-8th grade students to broaden their interest and experience in choral groups. Our Upper School offers Concert Choir as an elective to all of our 9th-12th grade students, and Chamber Choir is offered to our Upper School Students that have several years of choir experience. Each of these ensembles have the opportunity to perform in various school performances, as well as in the community during choral tours and community engagements including singing the national anthem for teams such as the Harlem Globetrotters!


The Percussion Ensemble studies and performs drumming techniques from around the globe. The course is designed to introduce students to basic elements of music through percussion. This group performs in concerts throughout the year. A second level course is available for those who have had a semester of experience in Percussion. Students will develop advanced rudiments and techniques as well as sight-reading skills.