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Admissions Policy 

Admission is open to any student regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin who demonstrates qualities such as, but not limited to, the potential to succeed within First Presbyterian Academy’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum, an appropriate level of social maturity, the desire to partner with the school in fulfilling its Mission/Vision and the ability to satisfy required school standards.

Admissions Process

Admission to FPA is a two-part process involving both APPLICATION and ENROLLMENT.  All existing families with enrolled students are given the opportunity to re-enroll during our two-day Enrollment Blitz, which takes place November 2-3, 2023. After the Blitz ends, our Priority Re-enrollment period for existing families takes place November 5-17, 2023. The final stage for enrollment is Open Enrollment where all families, regardless of status, are given the opportunity to enroll in the school. Open Enrollment begins Monday, November 27, 2023.

Our entire admissions process is described below. If you have any questions, please contact the school at 864.678.5107.

Steps to Apply

Send an Inquiry 

The first step in our admissions process is to have you send in an inquiry. This allows FPA to have your contact information available to reach out and schedule your next steps. Please click here to fill out our inquiry page.


Schedule a Tour 

After you have submitted an inquiry, our Admissions Department will reach out to you to schedule a private tour of our campus. A candidate is required to schedule a tour before they can submit an application. 


Submit Your Application

Submit Your Application with a Non-Refundable $175 New Student Application Fee.

Shadow Day or Family Interview may be required. 


Admission Decision

Once we receive your application, it will go before our Admissions Review Board. The Admissions Review Board will consider academic and social behavior on an individual basis. The review board will then either accept a candidate and offer the option to enroll, decline a candidate, or put a candidate on a wait list if the current class size is too large. Our Admissions Coordinator will communicate with the family through this process. 


Complete Enrollment! 

Once a prospective student's application is accepted by the Admission Review Board, our Admissions team will send out an enrollment packet to be completed by the prospective family. This is the final step of the enrollment process! 

Admissions and Enrollment Office

Marian Martin

Admissions Coordinator 



Diana Van Houten 

Advancement Coordinator  

864.678.5107 ext. 1008