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 EXCEL - helping every student excel no matter where they start. 

Our belief is that each child is individually and uniquely created by God. Trained and certified teachers on the Shannon Forest campus partner with classroom teachers in all grades to allow students to use their gifts and talents to learn. The school carefully monitors the percentages in each class to ensure that each class is positioned to address the educational needs of every child. The Excel teachers work closely with each division principal in order to provide an education that is excellent and Christ-centered for each and every student on our campus. Below, you will find the specific parameters for each division in regard to our Excel Program.

Lower School Students (K5-5th Grade)
  • Meet with a trained teacher individually.
  • The remainder of the time is spent in the regular classroom with accommodations and/or modifications to meet the student's specific needs.
  • The Excel program employs a variety of techniques including the Orton Gillingham approach and other internationally known methodologies to stimulate areas of weakness in perception and cognitive processing.
  • Parents are closely involved in the child’s progress and work closely with classroom teachers and the administration.
Upper School Students (6th-12th Grade)
  • Follow a Directed Study program if they qualify for the Excel Program.
  • Work closely with teachers to provide continuity and collaboration so that students will have the opportunity to pursue higher education after graduation.
  • During the Directed Study, students meet with trained Excel teachers to enhance organizational skills and different learning strategies.
  • These students are provided extended time, on-site testing, and oral testing as needed.
  • Accommodation is provided if documentation of a diagnosis of ADHD or Learning Disabilities are on file. 
  • May qualify for extended time testing with the College Board, but MUST have documentation on file and submit information via the SSD Coordinator

Some students in the Upper School are on a monitoring basis. The Fee of $2000 for monitoring includes the following:

  • Perusing psychological testing
  • Putting a 504/Accommodations Plan in place
  • Submission of information to CollegeBoard/ACT for accommodation for extended time
  • Extended time testing one time per week/upper school exams

Program fees are based on individual or group assistance. Please refer to Tuition & Fees information under the Admissions menu of this website. For more information, contact Melinda Brown, Excel Teacher 

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