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The goal of the Visual Arts is to develop the technical skills of each student and empower them with the knowledge to understand the visual elements of art. Through the development of these skills, students are able to gain confidence in communicating concepts and experiences across all media.

The Upper School Art Teacher works with each student individually at their skill level, which is only possibly due to the smaller class sizes that we have at FPA. Teachers challenge students in visual arts daily. Some students come into art classes with little artistic background, and they have the opportunity to finish the end of the school year feeling inspired to continue their exploration of visual art. With our seasoned students, they are challenged to push their artistic abilities with every project that they are presented with in class. 


First Presbyterian Academy also offers the following opportunities to upper school students in the field of visual arts: 
Art Club

Art Club is a wonderful way for students to further explore and expand their skill in visual arts. Art Club is open to all High School students. Art club members have the opportunity to: 

  • Enjoy Special Speakers 
  • Work on special projects in a small group setting
  • Go on Art Club Field Trips that allow them to hone their skills in different settings and learn specialized techniques

Yearbook is a class for high school students who are strong in English and/or graphic design, have a willingness to learn, are interested in a deadline-focused environment, and are willing to think outside the box. Staff duties consist of planning the yearbook theme and page design, selling ads, various types of photography, conducting interviews, and copywriting. Students who have outgoing personalities, teachable spirits, and a contagious school spirit are encouraged to sign-up.