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First Presbyterian Academy is home to Crusader Athletics. The school views athletics as a part of the educational process and expectations are held to the same high standards as all other educational pursuits.  Athletes are mentored by exceptional Christian coaches who are rooted in truth and faith and fundamentally sound in their sport.

The school is a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA), Class AAA - Region 3.  Middle School students compete in the Carolina Middle School Conference (CMSC). 

Our Vision Statement:
  • The First Presbyterian Academy (FPA) Athletic Department exists to provide its students with athletic opportunities that allow them to do the following: 
  • To honor God in the way they play a sport 
  • To play and compete at the highest level 
  • To develop fundamentally, physically and spiritually  
  • To grow and improve in a particular sport or sports 
  • To prepare to play at the next level in a particular sport, if the opportunity exists
  • Profile Photo

    David Thompson

    Athletic Director
  • Profile Photo

    Jynne Stowe

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Profile Photo

    Andrea MacMeccan

    Athletic Department Assistant