Admissions Policy

Admission is open to any student regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin who demonstrates qualities such as, but not limited to, the potential to succeed within First Presbyterian Academy’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum, an appropriate level of social maturity, the desire to partner with the school in fulfilling its Mission/Vision and the ability to satisfy required school standards.

Admissions Process

Our admissions process is a two-step process involving the Admissions Step and the Enrollment Step.  All existing families already enrolled are given the opportunity to re-enroll during our two-day Enrollment Blitz, which takes place on November 4, and November 5, 2021. After the Blitz ends, Priority Enrollment begins. The final stage for enrollment is Open Enrollment. All families, regardless of status, are given the opportunity to enroll in the school during this time.  Our entire enrollment process is found below.  If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Office.  They will be happy to assist you.

Steps to Apply 

  1. Attend Campus Tour
  2. Submit Application
    1. Log on HERE
    2. Create an account and complete New Student Application
    3. Submit Non-Refundable $150 New Student Application Fee
  3. Submit Required Records
    1. Birth Certificate (Long Form)
    2. South Carolina Immunization Form
    3. Custody Decree (If applicable)
    4. Educational Testing and 504 Plan or IEP (if applicable)
    5. We will request the following records directly from your student's current school: Transcript, Attendance Records, Discipline Records, Report Card and Standardized Testing Results.
  4. Schedule Student Shadow Day (2nd - 12th Grade only)
  5. Schedule Academic Testing (if applicable)
  6. Schedule Family Interview (if required)
    1. Student Essay (300 words on Why I want to be a student at FPA at SF)
    2. Family Interview
    3. Mandatory Shadow Day (unless summer applicant)
    4. TWO Teacher Recommendation Letters
    5. All acceptances are tied to academic and behavioral probation periods *Exceptions: Families who have recently moved to the area and/or Homeschooled students intending to enter at the start of their junior year
    1. English Teacher Recommendation Letter (must be from current school year)
    2. English Language Testing results (provide 1 of the 4 listed below):
      1. TOEFL
      2. TOEFL Jr.
      3. SLATE/ITEP
      4. CEFR
    3. Personal Essay
    4. Copy of passport

All academic records must be translated into English by a certified translator.


Following the completion of the Admissions Process, a decision will be reached regarding your student’s acceptance to The Academy.  We take into consideration prior academic success as reflected in testing and academic records, family interview, the shadow day experience, onsite admissions testing, and references if requested. After a decision is made, you will receive communication regarding acceptance directly from the Admissions Office.

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