Every year, for over 20 years, SF students in 7th - 12th Grades have traveled to Weaverville, NC, to experience WINDY GAP. This tradition is a favorite among students, faculty, administration, and staff. Students build deeper relationships with their classmates and teachers in the picturesque mountains of North Carolina. Windy Gap is a time of fun and laughter, of growing in Christ and growing closer to friends, a time of starting new friendships and strengthening old ones.

Students may only bring 1 suitcase/duffle bag AND one carry-on; students are responsible for carrying their own luggage to the bus and to their cabin
-Sleeping Bag OR Twin Sheets | Pillow | Bath Towels | Wash Clothes
-Toiletries and Sunblock
-Changes of Clothes | Bathing suit and beach towel | Sweater or Jacket
-Spending money for Sippin Parlor and Gift Shop
-Refillable Waterbottle
- Required: Bring ONE WHITE/LIGHT Shirt and ONE BLACK/DARK shirt that can get dirty
- Optional: Bring your favorite tacky Christmas Attire

What’s Allowed
-Shorts and T-shirts, athletic wear, jeans, flip flops | all clothing should be modest and appropriate
-You should bring a jacket or sweatshirt as the weather sometimes turns cold
-Swimsuits must be modest (tankinis and one-pieces only); students must wear a coverup (t-shirt) when walking around camp
-Leggings are allowed as long they are paired with a top that covers the student’s backside
What’s NOT Allowed (When in doubt, don’t wear it)
-Spaghetti straps or tops that expose the midriff or underwear
-Shorts that are too short in length

MEDICINES | All medicines (both prescription and OTC) must be administered by our school nurses for the duration of the Windy Gap trip. Prescription medication must be labeled in an original bottle with the student’s name and appropriate dosage. Please bring only what is necessary for the trip. Students may NOT keep medicine with their belongings.
Please complete the Medication Form if your child will be taking medication.
All medicine must be brought to Angie Belew at the front office by Monday, October 4th

CONSENT FORMS | All students (and parent volunteers) must submit the Windy Gap Consent Form prior to our departure.
Click here to complete this required form.
Consent Forms must be completed by Monday, October 4th

CELL PHONES | The location of Windy Gap makes cell phone reception almost non-existent. If you send your child with a cell phone, please note that they will probably not be able to find a signal. If you need to contact your child while we are at the camp, please call 828-645-7187. This number will reach the camp directly and someone will contact one of our staff.

WEATHER | The days can get extremely warm and the nights can get extremely cool. Please make sure your student packs clothing that can be layered.

PERSONAL SNACKS | Personal Snacks are NOT ALLOWED in the cabins as they invite unwelcome guests. Students will have opportunities to get snacks during free time and snacks will be provided each night prior to bedtime.

ELECTRONICS | If students bring electronic devices (iPads, iPhones, smart phones.), they must assume all responsibility for those devices. Cabins will be unlocked during the day, so it will be impossible to secure them.


8:30am | Depart for Camp
10:30 am | Arrive at Camp
11:00 am | Intro Meeting (rules and information)
12:30 pm | Lunch
1:00 pm | Free Time
6:00 pm | Dinner
6:45 pm | Worship Time
9:15 pm | Evening Game
10:15 pm | Snack Time
10:30 pm | Cabin Curfew
11:00 pm | Lights Out

8:30am | Breakfast
9:15 am | Morning Game
11:00 am | Worship Time
12:30 pm | Lunch
1:00 pm | Free Time
6:00 pm | Dinner
6:45 pm | Worship Time
9:15 pm | Skit Night
10:15 pm | Snack Time
10:30 pm | Cabin Curfew
11:00 pm | Lights Out

9:00am | Breakfast
9:35am | Camp Clean-up
10:00 am | Depart for SF
11:30 am| Arrive at SF

All students will be dismissed upon arrival. Please be here to pick up your student when the buses return from Camp.