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The YMCA’s South Caroline Youth in Government (YIG) program helps to educate the next generation of leaders though teaching students the inner workings of local, state and national government.  This year the Shannon Forest campus will send 22 Middle School delegates to Columbia from Sunday, November 17 - Tuesday, November 19.  Delegates are working on several bill ideas including:

  • Mandatory Concussions Testing for All Student Athletes
  • Mandatory Hands Free Calling While Driving
  • Homes for the Homeless
  • Mandatory Spaying and Neutering of All Pets
  • The Removal of All fFlavor Enhancements to E-Cigarettes. 

7th Grade student James Nickles is running for Governor and his classmate Andrew MacMeccan is running for Lt. Governor. 

The High School YIG program will be held from Wednesday, November 20 - Saturday, November 23 and Shannon will be sending 24 delegates who are preparing multiple bill ideas including: 

  • Requiring Public University Admissions to be Test Optional
  • Mandatory Voter Education Videos at the Polls
  • Legalized Gambling in South Carolina
  • The Elimination of College Admissions Fees

11th Grade student Michael Rice-Weber is running for Secretary of State, senior Jack Cummings will be serving as Governor's Chief-of-Staff and seniors Jake Martin and Mary Elise Clement are both Premier Chamber Presiders.