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Congratulations to all of our hard-working Middle School students who returned from Youth in Government (YIG) with multiple honors and first-hand experiences of government in action.  Highlights included:

  • Andrew MacMeccan (7th Grade) was elected as Lieutenant Governor to serve in 2020. 
  • Claire Butcher (8th Grade) received the Rising Star Award - an award given to those who embody the spirit and character of the YMCA and YIG.
  • Aiden McConnell (7th Grade) received the Outstanding Statesman Award.
  • Claire Butcher and Reese Bryant (8th Grade) served as Committee Chairs this year and presided over some of the committee meetings.
  • The bill "An Act to Increase Public School Teachers' Pay" written and presented by Aiden McConnell, Samuel Norman, and Zander Wilk-Ruble was passed by the Governor.
  • Seven of our bills passed committee, and of those seven, five of them passed in the first round of chamber.  (Those bills did not progress due to time restraints.)
  • We also had 8 students, currently in 8th Grade, recognized for attending YIG for three straight years:
      • Reese Bryant
      • Claire Butcher
      • Daniel Henao
      • Anderson Mathias
      • Hollyn Nelson
      • Serrell Niemela
      • Samuel Norman
      • Zander Wilk-Ruble

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