11 10 01

The FPA High School Youth In Government team achieved multiple successes this past week in Columbia! 

  • FPA at Shannon Forest was named Premier Delegation 
  • 100% of the bills presented by students passed committee
  • Anderson Mathias was named Outstanding Statesman 
  • John David Rollings and Anderson Mathias’s bill was signed into law by the Youth Governor 
  • Nolan Paladugu and Aiden McConnell’s bill was signed into law by the Youth Governor

Special thanks to our amazing advisors that worked tirelessly to help our students achieve success- Libba Urps and Daniel Pandolph

John David Rollings
Anderson Mathias
Nolan Paladugu
Aiden McConnell
Andrew MacMeccan
Tiffany Pereira
Megan McGovern
Lizzie Spicer
Connor Lankford
Ruthie Norris
Skylar Ketola
Jean de Bellefeuille
Ava Cole
Sophia Alakbarova
Drew Cope
David Dimenna