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This year, students in 6th - 12th Grade will spend time in Discover Groups praying with one another.  Students also get to know each other and connect as a Christ-centered student body.  The acronym S.T.O.P. will serve as a format to follow as the students and faculty leaders pray together.

S = Supplication (Supplication is praying for individual needs as seen in 1 Peter 5:7.) What are the things for which we can pray in your lives today?

T = Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving is giving God thanks for specific things He has done as seen in Psalm 147:7.) What are some things for which we can give God thanks today?

O = Others (Intercessory prayer is praying for other people’s needs, friend and foe alike, as encouraged in James 5:16 and Matthew 5:44.) For who else can we pray today?

P = Praise (Praise is different than thanksgiving in that we are acknowledging God for who He is and not just what He has done. (Praise is focused on glorifying God for who He is in all of His greatness as seen in Romans 11:36 and Revelation 4:11.) For what, specifically, can we exalt and glorify God today?