Spring Drama campus news

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 4 or Friday, May 5, for spring drama performances. Both productions will be held at the Kroc Center on 424 Westfield Street.  The cost for the evening is $10 for adults/$5 for students.  Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

The Mysterious Case of the Mysterious Case by Paul Meloon - Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service Denver, Colorado Curtain.

When a mysterious case goes missing, Dadd is on the case of the missing case, using his arsenal of wordplay and one-liners to ensure his investigation is over the top. And when a couple of coppers start sniffing around, Detective Dadd realizes there’s more to this mysterious case than meets the eye.  Who’s telling the truth?  Come find out in this mile-a-minute comedic homage to The Maltese Falcon.

The Actor Games - written by Wade Bradford. Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company

In this dystopian/Hunger Games parody everyone is starving...for attention! During the annual Actor Games, a tribute from each district competes to become a star.  The losers must suffer the dreaded fate of the Fallback Wheel.  Come see this fast-paced one-act play that provides lots of comedy, as well as a humorous overview of modern and historic acting methods.

Purchase tickets at the link below and the amount will be charged to your FACTS account.  Tickets will also be available at the door.