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5th Grade Fruit Mosaics 

Students in 5th Grade studied the mosaic works of Ancient Greeks and Romans. They also discussed the Fruits of the Spirit and how they must be cultivated and grown in our lives. Each student chose a fruit to create a mosaic of, using foam board and paint.

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The 5th Grade also created pieces illustrating the many Names of God.

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“Creator” by Riley Brandenburg

“Deliverer” by Gavin Craig

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“Love” by Ella Grace Belew

“Gods Wave of Love” and “Gods Wave of Kindness” by Garrison Hall

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5th Grade Edward Hopper Landscapes

Students in 5th Grade studied linear perspective and the work of Edward Hopper. The class discussed the symbolism of light, doors, and isolated figures in his work, and how they all portrayed some form of hope amidst a smilingly hopeless situation. Students used linear perspective, value, texture, and contrast to create these masterpieces. 

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4th Grade Still Life Creations

Students in 4th Grade studied the work of Paul Cezanne and Janet Fish. We drew various still life pieces and then added value in shadows. 

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3rd Grade Candy Still Life

Students in 3rd Grade studied the work of Wayne Thiebaud and practiced various drawing exercises. They then created observational grid drawings of enlarged candy pieces using watercolor, value, and balance to create interesting compositions.

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Artist in the Spotlight 

Imani Thompkins from Mrs. Thompson’s 3rd Grade class earned the title of The Artist in the Spotlight with her “Candy Still Life.”

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Students also created Self Portraits.

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2nd Grade Cubism Fish

Students in the 2nd Grade studied the work of Pablo Picasso and painted Cubism fish with warm and cool colors. 

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1st Grade Kaleidoscopes

Students in 1st Grade created various shapes to create radial balance similar to a kaleidoscope.

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Kindergarten Eric Carle Butterflies 

Students in Kindergarten discussed the life cycles of butterflies and how they are symmetrical in design. They also studied the work of Eric Carle and his illustrations, particularly The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Students painted, drew, cut, and pasted these beautiful creations. 

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1st Grade London Bridges

Students in 1st Grade studied the work of Andre Derain and Henri Matisse, especially Derain’s, London Bridge. Students drew, painted, collaged, and colored their masterpieces showing pattern, value, depth, movement, and warm/cool colors. 

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Kindergarten Cocoa Still Life

Students in Kindergarten created still life mixed media drawings of their favorite hot beverage. They used various patterns and colors to create their drawings as well as value!