Thank you to all of the students, teachers and families who participated in and helped with the FPA Lower School Art Show!  Professional judges viewed each piece of art to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each grade level. A Best of Show winner was also awarded for grade level divisions K3 - K4, Kindergarten -2nd Grade, and 3rd - 5th Grade.

Congratulations to the following Art Show ribbon winners!

1st Place - Tony Di lulio
2nd Place - Harper Kate Gregory
3rd Place - Ava Twitchell
1st Place - Liam Peat
2nd Place - Rudy Baxley
3rd Place -Emily Lane
1st Place - Thea Marcello
2nd Place - Lola Stubbs
3rd Place - Natalee Schaberg
1st Grade
1st Place - Haley Jo Ganser
2nd Place - Jack Belew
3rd Place - Norah Witmer
2nd Grade
1st Place - Mary Katherine Rollings
2nd Place - Brady Deegan 
3rd Place - Victoria Kelley
3rd Grade
1st Place - Jaxson Thompson
2nd Place - Kate Frazier
3rd Place - Addie White
4th Grade
1st Place - Emory Smith
2nd Place - (tie) Finn Brown & Gavin Singletary, 
3rd Place - (tie) Girard Els & Madeline Harris
5th Grade
1st Place - Bronte Lapp
2nd Place - Lucy Barrett, 
3rd Place - Adrien Peyrelongue 
Honorable Mention

5th Grade - Penelope Cope

K3 & K4
Liam Peat
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Haley Jo Ganser
3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Bronte Lapp

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