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Each year, the Shannon Forest community partners with a charitable organization to raise funds through an all-school service project.  This year, we are pleased to support the organization Water of Life.  Over the next several weeks, our families will learn more about how we can help provide villages in India with the valuable resource of fresh, clean water. 

Water of Life…
·       Digs wells, but they provide far more than clean water
·       Gives a mother the ability to keep her children healthy, away from disease-ridden water that contaminates and pollutes
·       Gives a daughter the chance to go to school instead of walking for miles, wasting hours each day to provide water for her family
·       Gives a son the freedom to dream and to learn a trade that will help prosper his village
·       Gives a father employment opportunities and a sense of dignity, pride, and purpose
·       Gives all the chance to know God and His love for them

In everything Water of Life does, they exist first and foremost to bring God’s love to people through a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through indigenous pastor partners and sustainable church plants.

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Loving the unreached. Embracing the untouchable. One village at a time.
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