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Each year, the Shannon Forest community partners with a charitable organization to raise funds through an all-school service project.  This year, we are pleased to support the organization Water of Life through the sale of beautifully handcrafted elephants.

They may look like a simple stuffed animal, but they represent so much more. These elephants represent a new cycle of hope in India. Each elephant is handmade by a girl who has been rescued from slavery. By sewing these elephants, the younger girls are learning the trade of tailoring and the older ones are receiving income to be able to provide for themselves and their future families. What’s even more amazing is every girl who sews these elephants has decided to donate back a portion of their salary to make it possible to rescue their brothers and sisters in Christ who are still held in slavery.

But that’s not even these elephants’ entire story! When you sell these elephants to your family, friends, and neighbors - the money raised will come together to drill wells to provide life-giving clean water to villages in India. Babies will live. Children will receive an education. All because Shannon Forest Christian School joined forces to help.

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